Bee venom collector: Apiary friendly, extra income.

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Bee Venom Collector

What is the bee venom collector?

A quality product for bee venom extraction, developed using latest technology for maximum performance - the perfect way to collect bee venom and increase your apiary's income.

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Bee venom collector dimensions

Length: 258 mm
Width: 158 mm
Height: 38 mm Weight: 900 g

Battery Life

Bee venom collector battery life

3-5 months
Powered by 2 AA batteries. Longlasting.


Bee venom collector efficiency

0.15-0.6 gram
bee venom per day, per bee family.

Why should you be our customer?

We are a leading bee venom collector manufacturer; our product has undergone a lot of design and performance improvements since it was introduced far back in 1992. You can read more on how it evolved on our about us page.

Because the most compact, light-weight and durable bee venom collector on the market is sold by us. Check out some of the technical information we have compiled for you and compare it.

Because we listen to our customers and reply to any questions and requests in a timely fashion. You are more than welcome to use our contacts form and we will be happy assist you.

Because we won't waste your time with long registration processes, unnecessary delay times, or bother you with long forms to be filled. Learn more about the purchase steps and how to buy our bee venom collector.

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